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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
What sport is not technical?
Well I hope you're only prying for more elaboration. But tennis is more technical than some sports (like American football). I played varsity in high school, while some positions (mainly quarterback) requires more technical skill to perform well than others, you can be very good at the sport by just being athletic. Mostly anyone can just pick up a ball run towards a destination while trying to avoid getting tackled.

While in tennis you have at least two that you need to be proficient at to even win games. The serve and return. The serve especially needs more work than most strokes because of so many moving parts.

Source: I played basketball and got picked up for football my speed. Played and started at slot and free safety, I hated getting hit . I made varsity without trying, and we won CIF the year I played. I've played tennis for two years and I'm still at the 4.0ish level.

buuuuuutttttt....I think you're just nitpicking.
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