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I doubt it...!
Anyway, did you string these up and if so, do I see shared holes in the XL 2?
These came strung. The XL has two pairs of shared holes at the bottom and none at the top. The XL-2 has one pair of shared holes at the bottom and two pairs at the top, though the very top cross looks rather superfluous to me.

I finally managed to find a copy of Kuebler at a reasonable price last month, but it's the 1995 German edition, which is a third thinner than the 2000 American edition (423 pp instead of 635 pp). The book took six weeks to get here from Germany (I had already written it off as lost), but at least I can now look up obscure manufacturers and see what was produced when.

In this '95 edition, Kuebler seems to claim that all Scepter racquets were made in Taiwan and imported into the US circa 1984. This is quite a bit later than I had expected. I had also been under the impression that these frames were made in the US somehow, even though the cover on my XL is clearly labeled 'Made in Taiwan'.

I am curious whether Kuebler had expanded on what he had written about this maker in the 2000 American edition or the 2010 update.

Despite the frail appearance of the frames, both the XL and XL-2 seem to be solid performers that offer good control and surprising power, with virtually no vibration at all. Of the dozen or so oldies that I picked up at about the same time, only the MatchMate Graphite felt noticeably better on the court. The biggest disappointment of the bunch? Tony Trabert Big Bubba. I don't know if it's the old string job or what, but that thing was thoroughly sluggish and vibrated like a tuning fork.

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