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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Wow, so these breathes might even be roomier than the Vapors. Nice. How was the cushioning compared to the Vapes?
Update: Tried on US10's today and I felt that they actually fit better than my usual US10.5. To me, these definitely run a tad big. I also noticed today that the cage toebox felt softer than "cages" in the past.

Didn't get a chance to really test out the cushioning.

Another thing that I liked... Rafa-tongue! Puffier and not attached to the shoe at the sides, like in the Ballistecs.

Also saw these...

Incidentally, the new Vapors and Ballistecs are also more expensive.
They previously retailed here at around US$115, but these new ones are US$128, which I guess is closer to the price-point in the US.

The more I look at these Cages, the more I like them. Not really liking this colorway, so will wait for more to come out before making a purchase.
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