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Originally Posted by helloworld View Post
I'd pick Agassi over Courier on grass any day. His game just translates much better on grass.
I don't see it that clearly to be honest. On the grass of that era (later Agassi, I would totally agree with you):

Serve: Courier, by far
Volleys: Courier, by far
Tennis smarts/guile: Courier, by far
Groundstrokes: Agassi

Courier lost to a much, much better player in the final he competed in. It was one which was played at a considerably higher level than the previous year when Agassi played Ivanisevic too so I think it's a bit of a stretch to say Agassi was definitely the better grass court player in that period. notwithstanding the result, in 92 he had a draw which would be called a cake-walk draw by this board's standards - aside from the Becker match - and he faced a very post-prime 33 year old McEnroe in the semis who basically bent over for him. (Ivanisevic, by contrast, had Woodforde, Rosset, Lendl, Edberg, Sampras in a row > much more accomplished fast court players by comparison).
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