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Originally Posted by vil View Post
Well, you've got a point in a way. I agree with, go out and there and practice but what if you do it all wrong? The thing is, if you are satisfied with your game , then that's fine but you might get to the point where you hit the brick wall and won't improve anymore because your style or form won't allow that. Sometimes a small piece of advice is all that is needed. You can get some great advice here if you are keen and interested. I don't think people are whining here and I wouldn't call them sissies. Don't get me wrong but that's just a very narrow minded view.
Yea I definitely said it wrong.

I'm not so sure about what you are saying, I agree with the statement "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect", but I never had anyone teach me, many I know never had anyone, oh we get tips here or there, but like I said, playing others, you have to get better or you get killed, if someone is willing to put in hours on the wall, run, play, really enjoy it, you do learn.

I just don't think you can hear "Well hold your racquet like this, move this way and you'll have a monster forehand" for example, I do think you can only get a monster forehand by practicing non-stop.

Again, it's just my opinion, someone who never went to an academy, or took lessons. Sometimes I wonder how effective I am at teaching my son, maybe it's just our non-stop playing.
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