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Originally Posted by UCSF2012 View Post
For consistency, the keys were 1) finding the correct grip every time and 2) newer strings. I restring every 6 hours, because things go crazy with the 1hbh after that. Forehand is fine with old strings, but the backhand is higher maintenance.

For power, key is court movement. You just have to be at the right place at the right time. If you're there early - even by a second - you can unleash the beast.
Wow restringing every 6 hours, thats almost like how the pros do it. May be once i finish school and get a job, I can afford to restring often as well. My string bed is 2-3 months now old and really dead (still generates good topspin but no where near as good as new strings). I'll try to restring it as soon as Christmas is over.

As for the OP's question. I find keeping my arm straight and my wrist laid back is the best way to keep my backhand consistent because the angle of my racquet face stays constant. If I can manage this then I can hit flat or loopy backhand with consistency and power. However, I have a natural tendency to bend my arm sometimes to compensate for an awkward balls instead of move my feet so I need to break this habit.
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