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Originally Posted by 10isfreak View Post
When I started playing years ago, it was with a one handed backhand. And, ever since, I have always played it rather powerfully -- rarely did my forehand outweighted my backhand, even if I have built a great forehands over the years.

The problem, however, has always been consistency. I could hit rather flat and somewhat curvy balls, but I never got to hit those loopier strokes off my backhand wing... I never had total control over it. Hence, as most did before, I switched to a two handed backhand which was at first awkward and weak, but grew stronger and more stable with time. Yet, nothing feels like hitting that one handed backhand right... so, next year, as the snows melt and the sun decides to settle for longer in the sky, I plan on trying to learn how to hit that backhand with consistency.

So, I'd need advices. What made you get it right? What made the difference between inconsistency and consistency for you? Thanks in advance.
Practice with a 75 inch wood racquet. Once you get consistant with that, you will, the bigger racquet will be cake.
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