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Originally Posted by high and deep View Post
Anyone have a good resource like a book or online article for developing good rituals between points. I remember reading something about this in a jim loehr book about 25 plus years ago, but I haven't seen anything in the tennis books I own. Any help would be great.
Cool topic! When I play, I'm like Mac, emotion for good or bad shots.

I showed my son Federer and said "That's who you want to emulate", and one thing I noticed about Fed, I noticed it at last years Wimbledon, is that he shows NO EMOTION, yea he'll pump a fist at a great shot, but aside from that you see nothing.

I noticed Murray happy in the beginning, then you could just see the frustration all over him, and if you watch the post interview Fed said "I knew he was coming apart because I could see his frustration", that's a paraphrash, but how true!

Think about the power of showing no emotion, you can be way behind but your opponent gets worried because you look the same, unworried.

So here's the cool part, my son and I agreed that he would show no emotion, and since he's not a hot head like me he's done that in all of his matches, makes a great shot shows nothing, misses by a mile shows nothing.

I hope this will help him in the future where opponents are more aware of their opponent, I think it will. Watch when Fed makes one of those incredible shots, you see Djoke or Murray pull their heads back in disgust, maybe I'm TOTALLY WRONG, but it seems good psycology to do what I can't, and that is act disinterested and confident.
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