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Originally Posted by smirker View Post
TC100 310g, 63RA, standard length, 320mm balance, 7pointls hl. Unstrung specs.

The custom writing is quite subtle and not really noticeable but I know what you mean. The first time out with it was a revelation. Not so great today but I was having a bad day on the court due to tiredness/hangover. Still won the match though. My impressions are that it's a solid, no nonsense frame that delivers a penetrating ball if you get your prep and feet right. Served really well with it, several aces and no doubles.
Thats almost the specs I have on my vantage sticks. Only 6pts HL.

great racquet.
-- Volkl Catapult V1
-- Vantage Custom, 95, 340g strung, 63 RA.
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