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Originally Posted by Jerry Seinfeld View Post

The mains are an MSV prototype multi. It is a multi with a limited number of poly strands incorporated to help add durability. Since you were using multi mains with poly crosses it was important to give you as much durability on the mains as possible. The cross strings are indeed poly based...they are MSV Focus EVO. MSV EVO tends to be a bit less harsh when blended with synthetics.
My mistake, apologies to guts-and-glory. I noticed strings were not the same but they both looked like multis

That explains why I didn't hate the strings, as I usually do hate full multi string beds.

But now it looks like I may have to go to full poly or maybe higher tension or string gauge...though from what I read MSV Focus Evo is very elastic, so possibly my regular poly (Hyperion) with NXT2 on mains may work out better.
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