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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
I think your way can work up to a point. Depends what level of tennis your son wants to reach.

My daughter is also a 'gym rat' in regards to tennis. She will hit vs the wall for hours or vs the machine until we have to pull her off the court or with me until I beg for mercy. BUT....she also has had expert coaching and her strokes look like a pros, and her serve is technically light years ahead of most kids her age.

So down the line who do you think will win more? The tennis crazed kid who also has been taught the most efficient technique, tactics, strategy, and injury prevention methods....or the tennis loving kid who was not?
I honestly don't know, some teachers teach wrong, or teach something out of their natural style. Like teaching a boxer how to be aggressive and punch, doesn't work. I've had guys come up to my son and give just rotten advice.

To I just try to tell him how to play from the baseline, the net, all the shots, but I think only he can find HIS true style, he's not a robot, I think I can only give outlines, once I start saying "Do this, do that", he falls apart thinking.
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