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Originally Posted by danix View Post
Notice the question mark.
Feeling a little ****ed off and sorry for myself right now.
I've been playing since roughly the age of 12.
Now, at age 39, I've been through:
- knee scoping. they found cartilage loss, and did microfractures to help
- shoulder scoping. Debur, debride, Mumford. Worked great for a few months and then a different part of the shoulder started hurting. We won't talk about the left shoulder I tore when recovering from surgery on the right side due to a bicycle accident...

Now my knee is acting up again, and I know the next step is an ACI procedure (autologous cartilege injection, aka Carticel). I'm willing to deal with the 6 months of rehab, but according to their site, patients who have it, have a 49% rate of going under the knife again.

I have to start asking myself - is it time to give up competitive tennis? I can't imagine not playing tennis with the mindset that I want to win, and improve, playing tournaments, leagues, whatever. I see 60, 70, 85 year old men and women playing, and I want that to be me.

Obviously I have to have some conversations with my ortho, but if you've been through this, or are going through it, feel free to chime in.
Wow, I've been playing since 12 and I'm 38, cooincidence. I have never had the horrible injuries you've had, but this year it's been one thing after another.

Heh, you can't play if you can't move, so what is the question? I would suggest teaching if you have kids, or maybe at a school, it's still fun. Or play at a lower level, you can still win without killing yourself.

My older brother has had one knee replaced, and now another.
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