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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
I hear that....bad coaching is worse than no coaching!

I agree with you in some ways. I have students whose parents spend countless hours on formal lesson, driving and planning for tournaments, obsessing about where to play, and on and on. But the kids never just hit informally and experiment.

If they put some of that formal time into just letting the kids hit vs the wall, the machine, friends, parents, etc. they would improve much faster.
You know what's weird, when I am telling him what to do as the ball is coming to him, he's a disaster. When I shut my big mouth and hit it hard, he's fine, he's not thinking so hard, just doing.

That being said, at the club, the pro teaches this kid whose just awesome, he talks to the kid for each shot and it doesn't seem to matter.

So I don't know, for me I'm just going to give outlines, I mean I tried to explain serve, what a disaster, I'm not even aware of how I serve, I just do it, but once I said "Just hit it to me when we rally", he picked it up, so you got me!
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