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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
You know what's weird, when I am telling him what to do as the ball is coming to him, he's a disaster. When I shut my big mouth and hit it hard, he's fine, he's not thinking so hard, just doing.

That being said, at the club, the pro teaches this kid whose just awesome, he talks to the kid for each shot and it doesn't seem to matter.
Did you mean while its approaching him, or before the shot? Usually a player needs to make up their mind as soon as they recognize the shot. Changing their mind or second guessing their choice of shot while the player is about to hit the ball usually leads to errors.

It's weird getting shot to shot instructions (before the shot) at first but you get used to it. Its not so hard to pick up if the instructions are simple or familiar adjustments and the incoming shots & location are predictable. Not saying this is you, but in general complex instructions and unpredictable balls in a random rally usually = disaster.

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