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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I have played against only one guy who can put sidespin - cheetah.
Off the fh Cheetah is really good at it and uses it a lot. I'd be very surprised if the thejackel's balls don't have side spin on certain occasions. I didn't see it when we hit last week, but he definitely has the rhs and the stroke mechanics to produce it. He hits a very solid ball off both sides. Pretty much every high level player I've hit with hits side spin off the fh sometimes. FWIW, I do it too.

Cheetah does it off the bh as well. He hits a one hander. I rarely hit side spin off the bh. When I see that they're going to kick up high I'll usually take them on the rise and hit hard and flat.

Side spin off the slice is just expected. Super common.

Originally Posted by Metalica View Post
I don't think many people can hit banana passing shots like Nadal at all, even pros (well not as good as him anyway). It's quite wasy to hit sidespin slice though. I think its a great shot you can use to pull the opponent wide; Murray does this a lot.
Cheetah hits that banana passing shot dtl all of the time. He's pretty good at it and it ****es me off . I think a more Western grip really helps with that. It's a cool shot but there are other options too, especially for those of us with more E. grips.
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