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Originally Posted by tom4ny View Post
Hey P1! Thanks as always for your input!! I understand what you are saying. Though I felt that the racket was fairly stable and that Dunlop had resolved the dead upper hoop issue with this version I felt that it played even better with lead added. I am running 1/4" lead tape from 10:00-2:00 and I have replaced the stock grip with a heavier synthetic but no added lead underneath.

The new F3.0 definitely is crisp and the ball comes off the stringbed fast. It is stiff but I find it very arm friendly. The stringbed to me behaves a lot like my Volkl x10 295. It is very fast and lively.

The Bio 300 tour feels nicer and you get better ball pocketing. I am really dialed in on serve with this frame and I can hit a flatter ball on all shots. The smaller sweetspot is also more plush.

I have always preferred the old school or traditional feel of a frame but in time I may be switching over to the "modern" camp.

I have not playtested the M version. Sorry to hear that it feels even stiffer as I felt that the Bio 300 was to stiff for my liking.

Have a great holiday
Hey Tom. Undoubtedly, Dunlop has created a very stable frame and resolved the upper-hoop issues. Having played the frame, I think that the inherent stability would allow me to strip the 1/8" lead and just keep the head tape covering the bumper. Racquet head speed is at a premium, in order to keep up with the lightning response off the stringbed, so the lighter the better, imo. As I stated, the RPM's that I was getting on the ball was impressive.

You're dead on the money with the comparison to the X-295. They're both incredibly stable and crisp for their weights, but I would choose the F 3.0 Tour every day. There's just something about the feel and weight distribution of a Dunlop 300 in the hand that few other racquets can match.

There are still a few more flexible options that I would choose over this F 3.0 Tour at this point, but like you, if I were to give in to the modern trends, this would likely be where I would start. Great frame!

And I just want to state that the M 3.0 is a great frame as well, and I'm not sure if it's stiffer than the Bio. 300 or not. Again, it may be the frame geometry that just exudes different characteristics. Here again, I could hit this one as well, but I would definitely string them looser than these demos.

And while I know that these losses have been painful for you, I have to say thanks to the Giants for keeping my Cowboy's hopes alive. Maybe we can take care of business next week in DC.

Merry Christmas!
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