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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
When I played Justin Bower, he was gracious enough to hit with my son. He brought him up and said, "Do you know the three main styles of the best"? Mick was a little puzzled, Justin said "Well Nadal takes a shot and hits it back with placement with huge topspin, Djoke moves and hits hard flat shots, Federer does it all depending on the situation", to me that's great teaching, just broad strokes.
Djoke - Novak Djokovic - The tall Serbian dude, #1 in the world currently? His grip is almost full W on the fh and while he can certainly flatten it out when he wants, he hits with quite a bit of topspin generally - at least whenever I've watched him play. He hits with a lot of pace too, but don't think that those balls don't have a ton of topspin. He has a nice swing path and gets good topspin off the bh side as well. Love his bh.
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