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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
Wait 5263, you are an instructor?

Tell us your view. What do you think, try not to be biased

I mean like I said, we meet so many "Experts", for some reason they feel the right to walk up to my son and say "Here, you need to hold this western grip", or what have you, it's amazing to me really.

Seems like whenever I give specific, I mean I taught him eastern grip one handed everything, but aside from that whenever I give exact instructions, do this, do that, it seems like he's thinking through it so hard he can't play, but when I give broad direction, run around the back hand and hit it to my backhand, then we just play he does it.

How much is enough? Would appreciate your input.
Well I think most of us coaches have made the mistake of talking too much and
and/or giving too much advice. Hopefully we learn from it. Several have made
good points that some amount of "good" instruction will help the time of
progression, but.... too much, even good advice, will slow things down too.

Maybe it's a little like trying to get to the nearest town when you don't know
where it is. If some one can point you in the correct direction, that will normally help a bit.
On the other hand, if he gives you complex, detailed direction on getting there, with a
few mistakes mixed may be better off without him.
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