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Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
What's your take on group classes? Cardio tennis, bootcamps, live ball drills, drill play, or just plain ol' group lessons - Are they worthwhile?

Some folks in my area have told me that these classes are super fun, but people don't really learn anything. One guy told me he paid $30 for a 1hr group class, 8 players in the group, they lined up and took turns hitting balls fed to them. This guy even counted how many balls he got to hit during this hour. Turned out to be around 35. That's almost a buck a ball..!

Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you all very much.
Cardio tennis is good for what it is suppose to be - a cardio work out that involves tennis. Sure beats running on a treadmill.

Adult clinics- the ones I have been to have been a lot better than $30 for hour with 8 people and 35 hits. More like $15 with 3-6 players for 1.5 hours. Generally these are drills so don't expect to learn anything technical. Are they worth it? To me yes when I don't have anyone that I can play with or I don't want to do social doubles. $30 for one hour with 8 people I wouldn't do.

Group lessons- probably only good for lower level players(1.0-3.5) that can't afford private 1 on 1 lessons. I haven't seen higher level players in group lessons.
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