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Default Wilson Jack Kramer "Imperial"?


New to the forum, and have a question. Having read many posts here about wood racquets, I decided it would be fun to buy one and hit with it from time to time (my old wooden racquets were long ago consigned to the trash).

I had the opportunity to purchase a racquet in truly excellent condition, but it is a model that I am not very familiar with. It is a Wilson Jack Kramer Imperial model. I am well familiar with the Jack Kramer Autograph, but have not seen the Imperial before.

If anyone on the forum has knowledge of this racquet model and can enlighten me, I would greatly appreciate any information regarding it's position in Wilson's lineup, and how it compares to the Autograph.

As mentioned, the racquet is in superb condition--looks like it has never been used. Strung weight is 13.4 ounces, so not a lightweight. The strings have turned to mush, but that is no big deal. I am looking forward to having it restrung (most likely with Wilson Natural Gut) and using it when the weather warms up.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your input.
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