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Originally Posted by nikdom View Post
1. I'm surprised no one has mentioned that Nadal is an admitted fan of Hewitt since his younger days. Nadal has said he admired Hewitt's 'fighting spirit'. So it's no wonder the older guy likes Nadal back.

2. Hewitt is a boor - arrogant, disrespectful, racist and entitled. If Federer hadn't brought him down to earth, his head would have been bigger. That's my opinion of him. Donno why anyone would miss him. His game is also outdated - he's neither fast nor strong, doesnt have any weapons and defensively any number in the younger generation have surpassed him.

3. So Nadal's tactics and attitude are an open secret. I find such cheap gamesmanship despicable after having achieved so much. I guess class can't be acquired - either you have it or you don't.

4. Interesting Hewitt should say players come back after suspensions and win.

5. Federer is close to European players of his generation like Koubek, Haas, Chuidinelli, Henman, Mirnyi etc. He's not aloof, just doesnt hang out with the crowd he's not close to plus he's a family man unlike many others.

This entire post= unabashed ******* butthurt.
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