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Originally Posted by Pneumated1 View Post
I demoed the frame this week, and I believe that this is the best 300 Tour that I've hit. I covered the bumper with head tape and ran 1/8" wide lead, 6" long, from the end of the bumper, down just past 3/9. I could feel just a hint of flex in the frame with the added weight. The "feel" is stiff, yet it seems to be a very arm friendly frame, almost as if the construction and geometry of the frame create the stiffness, not the layup.

I'm a big fan of very flexible frames, so this one responds a tad too stiff for me to consider. It's very crisp, controlled, with improved pop. I actually got a lot more rpm's and bite on the ball with the F 3.0 Tour than I did with the M 3.0. The latter frame I think Dunlop has done a disservice to by consistently making it stiffer. Keep the new geometry, just soften it, if possible.
interesting. I agree is is very stiff feeling compared to prior year models.
Do you think the M and the F 3.0 are similar except for slight weight differences and pattern difference?. I don't understand why all the praise has been for the F and zero is said about the M?
Are you saying you get just as much spin with the F as with the more open M?
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