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Originally Posted by Bertie B View Post
Is this a joke??

Prime Djokovic was outplayed by Federer @ 2011 RG, 2011 USO (yes, he was outplayed there), outplayed at 2012 AO, and 2012 Wimbledon. Djokovic's talent is to remain standing once the opponent loses the match.

Djokovic ain't the player to go on court and impose his game the way Federer, Agassi, or Sampras used to. He just hangs on. As they say, elite offense beats elite defense.

This must be a joke! Djokovic outplayed in 2011 SF USO? Yes, especially in the third and fourth set when Federer didn't have BP.

RG SF 2011 was also very close.

AO 2012 I'm not going to comment at all.
''Laying awake in bed last night, I realized that in Federer's last 4 losses in Grand Slams, he has won a grand total of 1 set.'' - McEnroeisanartist
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