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Great thread. I can relate to the OP and many of the posts. The bottom line for me is to understand I have only so many court hours in my body and to use them wisely. Each year I go to a few of our local tennis tourneys to mostly watch my players, students and tennis pals compete. Every year I am asked "how come I am not in the draws?" Tourney tennis beats the heck out of your body. I make my living being on my feet and I am mostly self employed. I play hard when I can and rest when it makes sense. I have been playing the sport since I was 12...many years ago. I have had one knee scoped and not looking to have the other one done anytime soon. My hips are fine. I changed my game from get everything back to..1st strike tennis. I will not play more than three times a week.. and never back to back days. I just say no...while I walk, work out or do something to get my activity each day.. tennis is limited so I can continue to play and have fun doing it. Good luck everyone...

If you are talking about tournaments were you have to play more than once a day or real tough matches back to back you are smart in not participating. That is pushing it for anyone let alone older players.

Another problem is the amount of time one has to work out, play tennis, rest and recover. Many people do not have the time it takes to stay in shape and play tennis. I think your idea of playing every other day is a good one, but I have played my way into shape by playing a lot. But again I usually will only play a match or 2 a week and the other days are practice.
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