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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I myself play 4.0 singles once or twice and 4.0 doubles once or twice a week, totally around 6 hours a week on the average. The only exercise I do is 15 minutes of stretching every day, and using the stairs at work. I am afraid of ruining my knees with extra exercise, like running. I figure that I am running during tennis, so why run more? I have never been injured, except once when I had TE when I was learning with bad technique, and once when I mistakenly switched to a demo racket in the middle of a session. Nothing that has kept me out for more than a day.
Thats good hopefully you can keep it up. How old are you?
I agree that the running on off days could be to much wear and tear, I do not advise running. I am talking about squats, lunges and calf raises.

A lot of times I will train my legs before I play tennis instead of the next day so they get time to recover. My point is strength training not aerobic training is the key to injury prevention.
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