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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
If you are talking about tournaments were you have to play more than once a day or real tough matches back to back you are smart in not participating. That is pushing it for anyone let alone older players.

Another problem is the amount of time one has to work out, play tennis, rest and recover. Many people do not have the time it takes to stay in shape and play tennis. I think your idea of playing every other day is a good one, but I have played my way into shape by playing a lot. But again I usually will only play a match or 2 a week and the other days are practice.
Most of these events require you play more than once a day.. some you have to play over a 4 day weekend. It is not a problem to tell yourself... just take it easy and have fun and compete within reason. Once the bells rings, you will do what you have to do to get balls back and win points. You might not feel the pain while in action because you are amped up. It does come down to the fact that tennis, basketball, volleyball and other court sports just rip your body apart by the very nature of the movements required to compete.

Biking, swimming.. etc are much easier on ones body since the motions are pretty much straight ahead.

As the Great Ollie has posted...being in great shape does not save you. It is the miles and the time.. that causes the wear and tear. Being in perfect condition of course will help and give you more court hours. Also a family history of joint issues will not be overcome with techique and conditioning.

Like anything else, you need to be moderate and use common sense.. ie listen to you body.. eat right and rest. You need time to recover to play another day. I have so many friends younger than me that have left the sport not following single common sense. Happy Hoildays!
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