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Okay guys I need some advice here. I need to figure out a plan of attack on my serve. There are many things I need to fix but I can only handle one or two at a time. I realized I need to be realistic about what I can actually fix given my age and physical limitations. I will edit this thread later and list all the fixes I need to make.
Guys, I am not going to rebuild my serve. I just want to tweak it to make it a little better and more consistent. I play year round leagues and cannot afford to take 3 steps back to eventually get 4 steps forward. I am never going to get much more racquet drop or get to the same trophy position as the pro...that's never going to happen. So please help me focus on things I CAN fix.

As I see it, here are things I CAN possibly fix. Please help me put them in order that I should work on them, without hindering my current serve too much...

-more stops, pauses or hitches
-ball toss more deliberate and smooth
-ball toss more into the court and to the right
-more stable platform "happy feet"
-slightly more racquet drop...flexibility will cause limits here
-more usage of legs and knees....again, this has limits
-no "waiter position". Lead with the edge and don't let palm face upward
-more pronation...Finnish with racquet on left side with palm facing right fence
-stop falling to the on left foot straight ahead in balanced position
-contact point with arm fully extended, inside the court.
-more left hip lean into court at trophy pose
-keep tossing up moving until straight up
-more cartwheel motion with shoulders changing places
-keep chest facing sideways longer
-better trophy pose, with right shoulder much lower than left...hip leaning into court

please help me put these in a working order of importance. Thanks!
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