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Originally Posted by TeamHumphrey View Post
Anton, since you have played with the 285 with similar customization efforts, I would value your opinion regarding the relative stiffness of the 285 and 295.

TW lists the RA of the Mantis 285 as 66, and the Mantis 300 and Tour 305 as 67. The Pro 295 RA RDC of 60 looks good to me, but the fact that the racquet has "67" printed on the frame concerns me a bit.

Finally, beyond stiffness, any observations regarding comfort level would be appreciated.

It feels softer and lower powered than my 285s.

I'd put it at around 62 - feels like the loop is firm up top but there is some flex felt around mid section. This is opposite of similar stiffness Prestige MP, where flex is more throughout the loop.

With about 6 grams distributed on 3+9 racket really becomes very sweet and comfy feeling.


Played some more today...I still feel the rebound angle is too high - I will be cutting out the strings and putting in full stringbed of Hyperion, if this doesn't work I'll be dumping this frame and hoping 18x20 or 95" vision comes out at some point, because this is really a special frame and it's really too bad they made it so open.
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