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Originally Posted by texastornado View Post
Can someone post a video playing a competitive match barefoot or in minimalist shoes? I'm currently wearing the 851's and train in MT20V2's. Doesn't seem like it would be possible to play competitively (sliding, direction changes) wearing what most people would consider minimalist shoes.
It is not at all hard to cut and slide barefoot, so tennis would be no problem if it weren't for the limit abrasion resistance of the foot. I do hard cuts and slides all the time on grass without shoes, but I don't have to worry about grass abrading the bottom of the foot. However, it shouldn't be difficult to change directions or slide on a tennis court in a minimal shoe like something from Vivo Barefoot. The original developer of vivo barefoot was a tennis player.

The other big issue for tennis is that a lot of players heel plant into a stroke. That's something you can only safely do in shoes as your heels are not really built to absorb a lot of impact. So, to play well in minimalist shoes, you'd need to reduce the heavy heel planting.

The main reason I don't play in minimalist shoes is expense. It doesn't make sense for me to destroy a pair of $100+ shoes in a few matches.
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