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Originally Posted by danix View Post
Thanks. I'm a 4.0, could probably be a 4.5 if my body cooperated, but oh well.
ab70 - not really sure. It's definitely muscular, the mumford was just to give more clearance I think. They found little or no tearing at the time, and I rehabbed pretty quickly.

The knee is giving me the most concern at the moment. ACI is described as a pretty painful procedure with a 6-8 week non-weight-bearing period plus 3-8 months recovery time. And with a sub 50% success rate?
I'd try a stem cell/PRP shot fisrt, this is new but they are reporting some good successes. There are not that many places that do it yet in the U.S. but Regenex centers are one. The use what they adipose stem cells - from your own body fat. It can be costly and insurance does not cover, Surprisingly I found a local guy who does them for $1750 )that's cheap I think), I don't need one yet but at 57 with 3 previous knee surgeries I may do them in a year so for "preventative" maintenance.

Here's a couple links,18265
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