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I hope Virginia would not mind the continued dilution of this thread, but just to flesh out what had already been mentioned above, here are the two racquets that are outwardly similar, but which turned out to be night and day in terms of playing characteristics in my own experience:

The swing weight of both sticks significantly exceed their actual weight (as is expected for neutral or head-heavy frames). In the case of the MatchMate, the heftier swing weight seems to add stability to the strokes; whereas the Tony Trabert just feels like a softball bat with a wobbly head. However, it is undoubtedly true that someone with a different swing style may come away with a completely different impression than mine.

I was hoping that Kuebler would have some interesting stories to tell about these makers, but in the German edition at least, MatchMate, Tony Trabert and Scepter, as well as Lob-ster for that matter, were all among the brands that were given token coverage only, with little more than the address of the maker/distributor and a list of model names under each entry, and no illustration or descriptive text to go with them. My guess (hope?) is that he went into more detail about this class of makers in the later American edition; which would account for the massive page count inflation.
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