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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
yea the 1st serve slice video right? good site.
yes. I love the way they teach on that site with the checkpoints of positions you should hit.

question for all...

should I stick with an "abbreviated" motion where I go straight to an "L" position like I did in the 1st 2 videos (like Azarenka/Roddick) or should I let the racquet swing down and back first, like I did in the last video? I know this is personal preference, but I cannot decide which way to go. Since switching to the longer backswing, my toss is not as consistent, since there are more moving parts at the start. On the other hand, it's got more flow that way. Any opinions??? thanks

here's Azarenka with the "abbreviated" motion (interesting point...NO GRUNTING!!!)

here is Brent Able with the fuller backswing:
to see what I'm up to lately:

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