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Kuzzie is pretty much the female Safin.
Not really. Safin when he was on was almost unbeatable. Kuznetsova even at her best is still quite beatable. The 2 slams she won she certainly didnt dominate, in fact she should have lost that U.S Open semi to Davenport and French Open quarter to Serena but for Lindsay`s 2nd set injury and Serena`s 3rd set choke from 3-1, 40-15 serving up, and that was with both those ladies in mediocre form those days. Not saying she didnt deserve her 2 slam wins as she definitely did, but that 2 slams is definitely not an underperformance for her compared to others, if anything a slight overperformance. If she somehow ever wins a 3rd slam (highly doubt at this point as she looks way below her 2004-2009 or even 2010-2011 level and not a real contender anymore) she would be the new Capriati, someone with shockingly relatively speaking poor stats in general to ever imagine being a 3 slam winner, yet somehow is.

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