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Originally Posted by Achilles82 View Post
You are probably a kid, so your foolishness is forgiven.

But please stop embarrassing yourself with this "Tomic - future "greatest player to ever play this game" sentence.

Tomic is 20 years old, and 52nd player in the world. By that time, Novak won masters title, and was top 10 player. Rafa Nadal won 6 masters, and 2 grand slams before his 20th birthday.

Tomic is nowhere NEAR that. If Tomic EVER becomes top 10, he will be very lucky.

And no, Djokovic - Tomic is not going to be "real parade". Novak is going to wipe the floor with Tomic. It's going to be like 6-1 6-0 for Novak, and that will be the end of it. The only chance Tomic has is if Novak feels jet lagged, because he plays in Abu Dabi week before.

But, since Serbia is playing, with Ana and Novak, yes I'm excited about tournament.
You are actually clueless about the sarcasm that Razoredge was you have been made to look like a fool.
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