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Talking Took my Lacoste "T-2000" out for a spin

A while back I had picked up the Lacoste version of the T-2000 (By the way, does anybody know what this racket is called ) and so far had never played with it. Until yesterday, when I took it out for a spin, playing with my dad. The strings on it seem to be ancient (possibly some kind of nylon? dark blue greenish color). I played it for almost an hour and I was quite surprised how well I played. I could create angles, backhand slice worked very nicely. But creating topspin was difficult. Creating power on my ground strokes was almost impossible. And I could never get away with hitting a ball too late or not following a stroke through. Once I started to be under pressure, it was very difficult to get out of jail. Volleys were so-so, but I had only a few and could obviously not get the timing right, but towards the end they started to work better.
However what was the most amazing thing was my serve! Fast, very precise...Waow! This thing is a serving machine! Anybody else feel like that?
Well, now my arm hurts and I need to take a break from the 385 grams or so of steel. The weight and the vibration make me pay now, but it was worth the fun
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