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In the early hours of Christmas Day, I've already done something I found to be rather nice for my conscience. Took a walk in the middle of the night and saw a homeless person huddled up in a sleeping bag next to two walls as shelter since it's been extremely windy (I've had problems sleeping because my window has been making so much noise because of the wind); I felt sorry for him and decided to open my wallet, take a large bill (would be a 10 note in the church of England) and stick it in between the two shallow foam things that would pass for his matress. Just thinking that he would at least get a christmas present and a nice surprise when he wakes up.

I'm not after sympathy, but for goodness sake do NOT complain when you don't get an iPhone or lots of money or whatever. To me, you belong in the lowest category of people. There's always someone worse off than you, and christmas is all about compassion and being nice to others. Think of the people who don't have anyone to be with on christmas let alone somewhere to live, are you still mad because you didn't get what you wanted? I'm sure they feel a lot worse than you.

Happy christmas once again, take care and think of the others!
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