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Well my personal opinion is that while Nadal overall as a player is obviously different to guys like Safin or Krajicek his 2010 USO performance is similar to Safin's 2005 AO and Krajicek's 1996 Wimbledon in that while there are plenty of players in tennis history who are overall much better USO, AO and Wimbledon players respectively they all IMO reached the level in those specific tourneys comparable to anyone who ever played the game.

In short, it would take peak Fed firing on all cylinders to beat Nadal in the form he displayed that tourney and I feel it would take similar from other USO open greats as well (such as Sampras, Connors, Lendl etc.), that doesn't mean Nadal is overall comparable to them as a player at USO but IMO his 2010 USO level is comparable to their best levels at that tourney.
Imo you are overrating Nadal on his usopen 2010 performance. He was playing very good but dont forget that he played Verdasco in the quarterfinals and Youzhny in the semifinals not really impossible opponents.
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