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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
What news to get on Christmas day... and the wait goes on..
I was looking forward to seeing him. A stomach virus now?, bad things really do come all together... I guess it could be the knee and he's just saying this, but he sounded so sure about playing just a few says ago, I don't see what could have changed.

Originally Posted by Strategy View Post
I know Rafa says he doesn't care about ranking, but perhaps he should show it by withdrawing from everything until clay starts (and just practice on clay until then, so he has SOME experience).

It's not worth playing AO and risking knee injuries again on hard courts if he has no chance of winning
I'm sure Rafa does care about the ranking.

I agree it's probably not worth it now to play Doha and AO. He's said his knee isn't quite right yet.
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