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Originally Posted by Roddick85 View Post
Too bad for Rafa that he's stuck with the stomach flu during christmas time, it's an awful virus and I totally understand why he withdrew, the disease really KO's you. He had the same virus during Aus 2011 and when he got that beating from Federer at WTF 2011 which is always at the time when there's a stomach flu outbreak. I hope he can recover soon enough to get a few matches in before Australia.
at the bolded part.
Seriously, it is difficult to believe that he would actually withdraw due to a stomach virus. I mean, does it really last that long ? Would he have withdrawn from a slam or any other regular ATP event citing the same reason ?
Originally Posted by mistik View Post
You forgot one thing.He promoted this event and there are some serious number of people out there who bought tickets to watch him play,now they have to watch other players and matches.I wont be surprised ıf he took some serious money out of this.
Considering that a lot of money is at stake, this makes the most sense. It is possible that he had some kind of agreement with the tournament organizers whereby they paid him to use his name in their promotions even if he was not guaranteed to play. Not saying he willingly lied about planning to take part in the exho earlier, but the organizers may have left him with the option of announcing his withdrawal if he didn't want to play depending on how things panned out.
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