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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
I think that bad feeling is actually hope. I can sense the unbridled glee some of these ****s are feeling right now through the computer screen. Lol.
You know we are human beings too and Federer doesn't revolve around our lives.

We are not that low to continue hating when he in a terrible position of his career. When he comes back to full strength....then we may begin just like the *******s.

Nadal isn't such a threat to Federer sucess right now and never will be again. Yeah Nadal would win some future encounters with Federer. Federer will still win titles and maybe a slam or two with/without Nadal presence.

Nadal not competing is bad for the game....he pulls in just as much as or more than Federer into the game.

I think us ****s baring the extreme ones would like to see Nadal retire when he feels done with the sport, not because of a serious injury.

You guys are the ones who are gleeing over Nadal injury. Constantly probing the **** base on this issue. Pretty lame to take a stab on such a serious thread.
Why fight over who is G.O.A.T., when the world is just an abstract of reality~
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