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Originally Posted by RAFA2005RG View Post
Part of the withdrawing is Murray. Nadal has a virus and you know Murray is the last opponent he'd want to play in this situation. If this were a regular event with a regular oaf in the first match, Nadal would have played, just to get a quick match or 2 under the belt. He plays Doha next.
I still think it would be the knees and not the stomach virus. Then again it weird that Federer, Nadal and many other players get stomach virus from Abu Dhabi or Doha.

I personally think Nadal will come back on clay. Start where you are confident and pick up steam just like he did in 2010. He made his move in Monte Carlo.

He defintly not winning Doha,AO, IW and Miami with the condition he is in.
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