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Back in the mid '90's, lots of guys rode powder, skiing moguls, and thru trees on plate bindings, raceboards, and hard boots. A good rider can ride with almost anything.
At SierraTahoe, the best mogul riders were using hard boots and shorter slalom boards, for the quickness and turn initiation.
I seriously DON'T believe the new stuff is sooo much better. A hair better, yes. Because I went thru the evolution of surfing, motocross, waterskiing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, skiing, snowboarding (both race boards and freeride sticks) for at least 12 years on most, and some sports, over 29 years.
I ride my mid '90's sticks as well as anyone not pro/expert or living up there for 4 season's, in most terrain, except I don't do jump parks anymores. Halfpipes, I still get 4' above the sides on a pro pipe, and that was maybe a hair better than in '99.
I guess I'm not enamored by all the new hype and marketing of the new gear....whether it's tennis or windsurfing, or any other sport. If you can do the sport back 20 years ago on that old gear, you're still amongst the best out there with that old gear today. I prove it day after day in windsurfing and surfing.
And of course, if you sucked at it back then, but practiced lots and got better NOW, the old gear seems flawed compared to the new gear.
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