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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
The number 1 ranking has clearly become zero indication whatsoever to who the best player in the World at a given time is (in the last 15 years the best player is only ranked number 1 about 25% of the time) so it really is an almost meaningless stat to determine best ever. The mens ranking system and rankings in general have had much more credence to reality, and thus is a more meaningful stat for them.
The #1 ranking shows who was consistently the best throughout the year. We know Serena can reach extremely high peaks of play. To be the best ever, you also have to be consistent. If Wozniaki was over 300 weeks at #1, I would be examining her peak level and how many majors she has won. You have to do both.
People claim Wozniaki worked the schedule to be #1 (which really isn't true - almost everyone played the maximum amount of tournaments that are counted), but Serena worked the schedule to peak for the majors without going through the grind of all the smaller tournaments.
When Wozniaki was #1, who was the best player? Kvitova - only on certain days, Sharapova - not back to her best form, Clijsters - playing a limited schedule, Serena W. - sometimes injured sometimes not motivated, Stosur - not consistent, Azarenka - a head case back then. So why is the WTA ranking system messed up? It is very similar to the men's rankings. It's just that it didn't come out the way you wanted.
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