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Originally Posted by Xisbum View Post
Merry Xmas to my TWMAC family. We had our excitement last night, as we turned grandson Alex into Farmer Alex:

We are now under an official blizzard watch, which down here means up to 6 inches of snow. HA. And brother Sup, my being mistaken for a young Tom Selleck would be like Tom Cruise trying to play Jack Reacher. Not. Gonna. Happen.

And anyone needing a Yonnie for Zap's Yonnie meet, I have the following in my closet:
Super RQTi 700 Long (2)
Super RQTi 800 Long
Super RQ 300
Super RQ 300 Long (3)
RQiS 10
RDiS 200
Ezone Team 100
Ezone Xi 100 (2)

Sticks available for rent with sufficient references.

Again, Merry Xmas, my friends.
merry christmas xis!
we cant survive without all the farmers out there!
and you have excellent taste in rackets
Member of TW MAC. yes, we are better than you. and we bout to hop on a court to make another 'mil
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