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Sometimes I find the Tips forum to be similar to the Racquets or Strings sections. Folks trying to find the holy grail of equipment. Which stick with what specs along with what string at which tension will make me a beast on the courts...?!? Or in this case, what technique must I employ so I can play like the pros... (and please let this advice be like a magic pill).

To some extent I agree with the OP. Cripes, I wonder how many out there will do something just because some guy on some free internet forum told you to do it. Go "pat the dog" and your forehand will be monstrous. Well, yes and no. For the yes guys, great. You found some tip that helps your game. But for the no guys, leave the dog alone and find something else that will work for you.

Do what works. And for the most part you can do that on your own, as long as you're mindful with your approach to the process. The key word being mindful. Now perhaps at some point you might find that doing it alone has taken you as far as you can go i.e. you've plateaued, which means what you're doing is no longer working. So then go seek out what will work, and do it.

I'm not against lessons, coaching, or even the Tips forum. Heck, I got a tip here that really improved my second serve (thanks guys!). But before I incorporated that bit of advice, I thought about it, compared it to other advice and techniques I know or have heard of, and then went out to try it and test it, and then assessed the results, and upon further reflection decided to use and practice my *new* second serve and make it a part of my game, because it works for me.

I think the sissies and whiners just want magic pills, be it in the form of a racquet or advice. Read the equipment forums long enough and you'll see the wisest adage is something along the lines of "it's not the bow, it's the archer". Good advice. Listen to that. Some guy on the internet told ya so... lol

The tips forum is like a store selling bows and arrows, which is a good thing. But think critically of the sales staff (like you would at any department store), and do think if you really need another arrow in your quiver right now. Perhaps you have enough already to get
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