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Originally Posted by JohnMT View Post
Hey all. I know this has been discussed on this forum before in the past, but I was looking for a little more information on the topic of minimalist shoes for tennis. And the vivobarefoot shoes just aren't an option for me unfortunately

It's kind of a unique situation in that I can't wear the vivobarefoot shoes... they don't come in my size. The vibram komodosports don't either (I'd wear a size 38 if they did). I wish those did come in my size, as my size 38 KSOs are awesome!

I'm a small guy, with size 7 (US) shoes, so finding shoes in my size is difficult enough.. finding minimalist shoes in my size is really difficult... now finding minimalist shoes that are good for tennis in my size.. well... You get the picture

So I'm looking for any recommendations of shoes that are good minimalist tennis shoes, last long enough on the courts, and are good for lateral movement on the courts.

Anyone had any good experiences with any particular types or have any suggestions?
How about playing barefoot! That should be the minimalist enough! LOL
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