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I am 48 yrs old and due to some surgery and the accompanying complications, I have not be able to play tennis for over two months. I have been in and out of the hospital several times already and for the better part of the last 10 weeks have been bedridden. I am an USTA tournament rated 4.5 and have won a good share of city and state championships, both in singles and doubles competition. For the last year I have been having some classic tennis elbow issues and I hoped that the 2-4 month recovery from surgery will be enough to rest and repair my tender elbow but every single morning I wake with a dull ache at the elbow. So this is where I need some advice. Do you think I am sleeping with my elbow in a poor position or maybe some permanent damage from play? I do ice and rest it often, and always wear a "band it" band while playing. I hate to see yet another doctor so if anyone have a "home remedy" or voodoo please share. Thanks
since you are down for rehab anyway get a PRP shot, just google it. It's worked well healing my chronic Achilles tendinitis, and TE is one of the things it works very well. Not coveresd by insurance but U should be able to get it done for for $300-500
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