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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
2003 is a unique case. If you could read properly you would note I acknowledged Henin deserved the #1 ranking and probably had the best year in 2003 (well even that is argaubly with Serena winning 2 majors, Miami, and some other tournaments, while Henin won 2 majors and neither the WTA Championships or Miami) due to Serena being injured, so it wasnt the fault of the ranking system, and it wasnt the wrong person at #1, unlike all those other cases. However Serena until her injury which ended her career in July had been by far the dominant player of 2003, Henin had bested her on clay, but Serena was by far the queen everywhere else, and so nobody considered anyone but Serena the "best player" per say at the end of the year. Even at the U.S Open the commentators said repeatedly the 2 best players in the World Serena and Venus werent there, that was the consensus of everyone at the time.
That was before Henin won the US Open that year and became the most dominant player from then on until 2008.

Hindsight changes everything.

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