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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
Grow up! Quit whining, asking for advice, you going to be a star listening to our tips?

Go out there and be a man! I started playing at like 12 with my brother who was 21, I lost, lost, lost, but had desire, so got better and wipped him. Just go do your own thing or stop whining. Can't serve? Then PRACTICE! Poor forehand? PRACTICE!

There is no magical formula we can give you to lean, do what we did, that is work our tails off to get good, lose, win, win, lose, just fight through it. Run up to 5 miles, but also do sprints. Practice against a wall, just STOP with the "If I only hold my hand ......." nonsense.

I'm sorry, I just see so many wooses on this forum, can't play there is no suggestion for you except for you to play and learn yourself, how do you think we learned?

Even those who go to Tennis Academies only learn what they are taught, Tennis is much more than what you are taught, it's like boxing, unique to you.

A lot of truth in this thread, tennis is not easy but if you want to improve you have to play a lot and work hard there are no easy short cuts.

I really got serious about this game 10 years ago and I just played as much as possible. When I was good enough to play at a decent level I just kept finding as many opponents to play as I could.

Ideally you want players better than you and just keep playing as many and as often as you can. There is a limit you don't want to play to many that are miles ahead of you just mostly somewhat better than you. Then just keep playing until you get good enough to hang with them and when you get better than them find some more that are tougher.

I took a lot of losses in the process but it definitely improved my game, you can't be afraid of taking a lot of beat downs because it will improve your game it just takes time. I think lessons and drill and tennis camps are great to, but you have to play a lot of sets if you really want to improve.

I have seen a lot of players that think that endless lessons trying to perfect their strokes will make them great players but I have not seen this work very often. They look great in lessons when being fed with plenty of time and their strokes look so nice, but put them in a match and they do not look anywhere near as good.

So they think they need to take more lessons which is exactly what they don't need they need to play sets and more and more sets, then they can actually figure out how to play the game.
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