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Default FS/FT: Dunlop AG 4D200 & K95 18x20

Selling 3 Dunlop ag 4d200 18x20 version, 4 1/2 grip sizes

dunlop 1: racket one is about 9.5/10 condition. hit with it for 30 mins and kept it as my backup racket. only little scuffles on the headguard. 70$ shipped

dunlop 2: racket is 7.5/10 condition. normal wear and tear around the racket. headguard has been recently replaced so its not super worn. minor paint chips but no cracks. 60$ shipped

dunlop 3: racket is 7.5/10 condition too and everything else is same as dunlop 2. 60$ shipped.

Also selling 2 Kfactor 95 18x20, grip sizes 4 3/8. condition is about 7/10. will sell for 50$ shipped each

please email at:

for more info and pics
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